Friday, 31 August 2007

Infopath 2007 Web enabled forms - Limitations

If you've used Infopath, you know that the greatest limitation that there was with Infopath 2003 was that you HAD to have Infopath installed.

With Sharepoint 2007 this is history. Web-enabled forms are doable (though you need to have SharePoint Enterprise).

Obvisouly a zero footprint client can never have the thick client functionality. This is like comparing OWA to Outlook. Both are relevant in their own scenarios. My opinion for this is the same as for Outlook, keep Infopath within office (or for the more complex forms), and the web-enabled forms for outside of the office. So when developing forms in InfoPath you need to keep in mind whether your forms will be web-enabled or not. For web-enabled forms there are a number of limitations. There is a list available from MS stating the limitations found here.