Thursday, 26 February 2009

Adding Search Options in MOSS 2007 People Search

Although the Out of the Box People Search is quite nice, most clients would want to extend the people search with their own custom search options.

Fortunately, as with the adding of properties to the Advanced Search Box, this is fairly straightforward to achieve. The following article explains how to do this.

Essentially the most important step is adding the following to the properties in the People Search WebPart:

<property name="NewProp" managedname="NewProp" profileuri="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:sharepoint:portal:profile:NewProp">

Partial Name People Search in MOSS 2007

One of the missing links which I personally find in SharePoint is the lack of a "partial" search, i.e. if I search for Tim, I found all those whose names starts with Tim i.e. Timothy, Timmy, etc instead of just Tim. This makes a lot of sense when working with employees of different nationalities who might or might find each others names difficult to remember.

Ramon Scott has the following sweet solution for defining your own Partial Search webpart. Although this is very close to hitting the spot, I would rather be able to modify /extend the actual people search webpart rather than creating a "new" one. 

I'll be researching this and hopefully eventually posting a solution. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

MCTS - Configuring MOSS 2007

This morning I passed the MCTS - Configuring MOSS 70-630, and was mostly a walk in the park. In the meantime, while doing some ETLs I found the following article useful: SSIS: File System Task Move and rename files in one step

Monday, 16 February 2009

MCTS - Configuring WSS 3.0

I've just passed MS 70-631 (972/1000). If you have good experience (1year+) with WSS 3.0 you should pass with flying colours. One suggestion, know your Network Load Balancing, especially the different between Unicast and Multicast, and how and when they should be used. Otherwise, not too many problems. Otherwise most of the questions should be quite easy if you've been working with WSS / MOSS...

Will be taking Configuring MOSS MS 70-630 in a couple of weeks time. I suspect this should be plain sailing too...