Sunday, 17 December 2006

SharePoint 2007: At last we have workflow OOB

The missing link in SharePoint 2003 was defintely workflow. We used to have presentations and demos, and tongues hanging out and drooling, until they ask the dreaded question: "Does it have workflow?" Their disappointment was always evident ... Yes, I know you could develop workflow (I did), or you could plug in other software ... but out-of-the-box is obviously much better, especially for smaller quick-kills...

Now with the new workflow capabilities of SharePoint, the limits to SharePoint seem to be endless. I'm hoping the new year will bring along quite a few implemententations ...

Joomla: Testing categories hack

This post is just a test to determine whether the categories hack provided by websitesandmore works. Actually, I'm sure it does, I just want to know whether I have set it up correctly :)

Edit: Yes it does work, though I had to replace all the &'s with & then it worked. Any the blogurl should exclude the http prefix! Just wanted to add my 2c

My blog

Welcome to my first blog entry :)

Still trying to decide whether I should focus on one topic for my blog or on several topics, all of which interest me. Ideas I am entertaining at the moment are, SharePoint 2007 (woohoooo!), Content Management Systems (specifically Joomla!), Diving ... or other topics, or all. And I'd like to find the time to organise the template a bit, though probably if I try to play with it I'll surely mess it around more than anything!

Disclaimer: Please note that more than anything, this is my attempt at sharing knowledge that I acquire during builds of various products, so that hopefully, people will not fall into the same pitfalls as I have.

In the meantime its time for Christmas shopping (actually I'm quite late this year ... again). Most difficult present as always ... the girlfriend. She's interested in a few chillout cds which I'll obviously get her, but getting her just that would make me look quite cheap. I got her a (good) book on Feng Shui cause she loves interior design, and I'll be looking for some cool home appliance or decoration. There's this cool Rainbow Maker thing, which I'll probably get her eventually. I'm sure she'll love it, but since its already quite late, I'd better get my ass of the seat and go and get her something from a shop, since gifts from the Internet will probably arrive late.