Friday, 24 August 2007

Out of the office? Take SharePoint with you!

We have recently been investigating a great tool for SharePoint. This is the Colligo Contributor for SharePoint. It is a client side install, which allows any user to download whole SharePoint (or parts of ) sites locally, having a (thick client) interface which is virtually identical to the Sharepoint UI.

This will enable users to take any SharePoint sites / libraries they are currently working with, and keep working with these when they are out of the office. As soon as they are back in the office, the software automatically synchronizes everything back to the SharePoint server, so you don't have to upload everything manually. I think this is an invaluable tool for those who often work out of the office, or anywhere where there is no access to SharePoint.

As a bonus, there is an Outlook Add-In. This addin allows you to take lists offline (this time within Outlook). It basically works as above, but at a list level. The final touch is one is able to drag and drop emails from the inbox into a synched list, with all the email meta data (from, to, subject, recieved, priority etc) automatically, and then everything goes straight into SharePoint.

Defintely the best tool for SharePoint I've seen lately. Visit for more information.