Monday, 12 February 2007

Google Tools I Love

Since my first discovery of Google quite a few years back, I've had a serious love affair with the search engine.

I have quite a few philosophical ideas about the company, but its late, I've had a long day and I don't really feel like being very philosophical. Therefore, just a few links to the tools I love best from Google.

  • Google Search - the power of the search should never be underestimated ...
  • Gmail - The amount of free storage available, the instant search, and the AJAX functionality revolutionised the way we think about email.
  • AdSense - If you are a webmaster and aren't using AdSense, then should get out of that rock. With AdSense just pop in a few lines of HTML, and you are earning money. Its a win-win situation, you get money, and the company you love gets money, and keeps providing you with free kinky software ;)
  • AdWords - Instead of paying an insane amount of money, you can control the amount you want to spend, target only your potential clients, choose the keywords you require, and generally have a much better ROI.
  • SiteMaps - define the pages in your site, to be sure that all pages on your website are entered into search engine indexes.
  • Analytics - Free Webstats ... and as with all Google tools, very useful tool, not just another crap piece of free webstats software ... just insert a tiny script into pages you want to monitor, and you're up and running :)
  • Personalised HomePage - yes its true, the simple google interface, with no clutter was one of its charms. But if you want to have a homepage full of widgets, well google can do that too!

There are quite a few other tools I've used, but these are by far the ones which I use most often, and which I think have made a few aspects of my life fairly easier!