Saturday, 17 February 2007

Favourites icon and Favicon Maker

With the advent of IE7, the favourite icon on your website is much more important than it used to be... whereas before you would rarely see a favourite icon, with IE7 it is now visible immediately on each tab that you open.

To create a favicon in your website there are various ways of doing this:

  • Easiest: create a 16 * 16 pixel ICON image, name it favicon.ico and put it in the root of your website.
  • Easy: put the following tag in your html <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" /> with a link to the icon

When I was updating my website which didn't have an icon, I had two options. Either use a software which saves to .ico (Paint Shop doesn't). You can look for a plug-in for your software to enable it to save in icons. Or else find an online site which converts a JPG, BMP, PNG or other image to a (good) .ico version. I opted for the latter. Favicon Maker is a site which allows you to upload your image and converts it to 16 * 16 icon image.
Favicon maker- Create a favicon from any image