Monday, 15 January 2007

SharePoint 2007: Customising the site directory

Customizing the site directory in SharePoint 2007.

Let's see what cool links we'll find to do this:

Above post is extermely interesting ...

If you go to the Settings of the Sites list, you will find quite a few interesting play things especially in the views.

  1. Categories - this looks like the categories which are used to perform drill down in the site directory.
  2. Site Creation Categories - the options which will be visible when you try to create a site.


  1. No Lookups can be used. The only viable options seems to be choice values. This makes the categories fairly static, changeable only by going deeply into the settings. My favourite option would be to make them dependable on a simple Custom List, so that I would give the client access to this list, which in turn adjusts the Categories.
  2. No dates can be used as categories either.

Hmm ... I wonder how these limitations can be gotten around... What I need is to be able to categorize by:

  • Date
  • Members of the site e.g. categorize by site by site owners (Project Managers?)

Would playing with XSL be able to do it?

Edit: to edit the Welcome Page of the Site Directory (e.g. I think its better to default to the Site Map), enter the Site Settings > Look and Feel > Welcome Page, browse and choose the welcome page you want, in this example sitemap.aspx.