Monday, 1 December 2008

SharePoint - Reporting Services Integration

I always have a problem setting up the Project Properties for Business Intelligence Development Studio when I need to deploy reports to a Report Services Integrated SharePoint, the problem is whether to use a full site url, whether to use slashes at the end or not etc.

The following are the settings which work for me (MOSS 2007 / SQL Server 2005):
TargetDataSourceFolder: http://servername/sites/SiteCollection/Site/subsite/DataSources
TargetReportFolder: http://servername/sites/SiteCollection/Site/subsite/Reports
TargetServerURL: http://servername/sites/SiteCollection/site/subsite

As you can see you need to specify the full URL and no ending slashes, otherwise you'll get obscure errors like:
the name of the item '' is not valid. The name must be less than 128 characters long. The name must not start with slash; other restrictions apply.